Newonder being China association of high-tech enterprise specialized high-tech committee members

    Date:2011/4/7 0:28:57 Autor:xhd From: Count:9228

    Newonder gets the certificate and becomes the member of China Association of High-tech Enterprise specialized High-tech Committee officially. Newonder will stick to the principle and increase the technology budget to devote Newonder strength during the development of technology enterprise.

    China association of High-tech Enterprise specialized High-tech Committee which is Non-profit professional organizations was voluntarily organized by the national high-tech enterprise, the local high-tech enterprise association and other related high-tech enterprises. Since its foundation in 2005, it has contributed a lot to promote the technology enterprises development. Since the new management regulations came into force, couples of excellent and innovative enterprise has got the identification. The committee will supply the platform for the enterprises to know the policy and communicate, at the same time, it well fulfilled the demand from the members to research, communication, training, standardization, promotion.

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